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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions company


Companies know that the future belongs to mobility that why they have started integrating their existing enterprise solutions or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) development company in UAE, which provides them real time data and insights.

Our Mobility solution can be deployed in various Industries like Retail, FMCG, Pharma, Education, Hospitality and many more, Check all the industries we cover or contact us for customize mobility solutions.

Paving your way to a more accessible business: 

The demand for mobile applications continues to rise, and so does the need for enterprise mobility solutions. Poize Games is the answer to all your mobile challenges, offering a wide range of services geared towards making your business more accessible through mobile devices. From custom application development to deployment and support - we do it all!

Poize Games is changing how businesses and individuals interact with their mobile gadgets. With a wide range of mobile solutions, Poize Games' mission is to help you-

"merge your personal and professional world seamlessly."

From enterprise mobility management to intelligent device management, from secure messaging to remote access and so much more, we have what it takes for you to enjoy the best possible experience on your smartphone or tablet. Poize Games allows your business to build a cross-platform, custom mobile application that fits the unique needs of your business.

Accelerating the growth of your business:

We are passionate about helping you discover new opportunities, manage your business better and accelerate your growth using mobile technologies. Poize Games provides mobile solutions to enterprises and offers support through our 

    -   customer service representatives, 
    -   responsive design, 
    -   and dedicated teams. 

We provide a range of software development services: Mobile Application Development, Web/Desktop Application Development, Big Data Analytics & Cloud Solutions, and Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions.

Ours is a highly reliable, flexible, and scalable solution that enables users to access their business resources anytime. It gives complete control over all your data and applications. We are in the business of making all your business accessible with just a tap of your finger. You can easily create a customized solution based on your requirements to help you stay connected to your business and employees wherever you are.

Increase the productivity:

Poize Games helps businesses mobilize their workforce and ensure that they are productive at all times. We help connect businesses to their remote and mobile employees by providing them with real-time information and the right resources to be as productive as their colleagues who are in the office.

We provide enterprise mobility solutions, helping businesses unlock productivity and boost the bottom line by seamlessly connecting their employees to content and cloud applications in one secure, always-on environment.


Our Development Process

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.


Requirement Gathering

Requirement gathering is the first step in the Enterprise Mobility Solutions Development Process. It involves understanding the customer's business requirement and then converting it into a solution that best fits them. Our dedicated team works closely with you so that we can understand your specific requirements and expectations for your product.



This phase focuses on developing a working prototype that can be used to prove the viability of the business idea before full-scale implementation. We set the goals, create the plan, and develop a budget at this stage.



The next phase is Deployment; it involves Deployment to several environments, such as staging and production. Our agile, iterative approach ensures value delivery early in each phase, allowing our clients to make better decisions quickly and with less cost.


Support & Maintenance

We gather support requests and feedback to improve the product at this phase, and feedback helps us create new features that serve you better. This stage requires careful planning and execution of specific processes like bug fixing, data collection, and market research.

Industries we work for

Helping Businesses in All Domains

We have successfully delivered products for different industries.


Social Networking


Digital Marketing


Ecommerce Development


Video Service


Banking Service


Enterprise Service


Education Service


Tour and Travels


Health Service


Event & Ticket


Restaurant Service


Business Consultant